Saturday, November 3, 2007

Faux Mo

Mark Hemingway of National Review Online is not impressed with the fall of Times Select. He took one for the team and went back and read every MoDo column from the past year got into a rage.

But the biggest change has been the return of the most “colorful” writer in the Times’s stable, Maureen Dowd, whose biweekly hell-broth of tortured comparisons and pop culture references always entertain, if not illuminate.
He took every column and mixed them up into a blender and here is part of the pastiche:
They take affairs, illegitimate children, and tumultuous marriages in stride. But they suddenly turn traditional when it comes to the role of the first lady. (3) It almost made Bill and Hillary seem like a model of normalcy. Almost. (4)

He says he’s not particularly fond of Celine Dion, whose “You and I” is Hillary’s insipid jingle. (10) It was an acid flashback to the cultural wasteland of Bill Clinton’s reign, when instead of Pablo Casals, we got Kenny G. (11)
In the footnotes he links back to the original articles. I may have to use them to linkback to learn what raises the hackles of a NRO columnist. I'd say pretty much anything Dowd writes.

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