Friday, December 12, 2014

Your You're So Sony

Recently North Korean hackers, in retaliation for unleashing another James Franco/Seth Rogen movie on us, released hundreds of e-mails from Sony executives hoping to humiliate and embarrass them.

One set with Maureen Dowd does just that, but not in the way one would expect. The e-mails show that Dowd gave secret pre-publication approval to Sony co-chair Amy Pascal's husband Bernard Weinraub. This resulted in a round robin of mutual admiration which is supposed to show how cozy Dowd is with her column subjects (like that is a shocker).

What it really shows is what a passive-aggressive grammar Nazi she is. Or what an illiterate buffoon Pascal is in that she continues to make the same mistake after Dowd corrects her once.

After the column was published later that night, Pascal emailed Dowd, saying “I THOUGHT THE STORY WAS GREAT I HOPE YOUR HAPPY ”
Dowd responded: “I hope you’re happy! Thanks for helping. Let’s do another.” Pascal replied, “Your my favorite person so yes” and Dowd finished the conversation withyou’re mine! you’re amazing” (emphasis added)

The second and third corrections are just to twist the knife. Smugness, your name is Maureen.