Monday, September 24, 2007

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Dowd Report is to:

  • Annotate and explicate the literary, historical, political, epistemological, and pop cultural allusions made by Maureen Dowd in her twice weekly New York Times column. Discussed terms are bolded within the quote. All interpretations of intent or meaning are solely those of Dowd Report and its contributors.
  • Provide the most current information on Maureen Dowd’s other published works, television appearances, public sightings and any other activities where she deigns to rub elbows with mere mortals.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for MoDo rumors, innuendos, and gossip.
  • Highlight and comment on other internet commentary or criticism of the New York Times most attractive, intelligent, insightful and acerbic female political columnist.
  • Get featured in a mainstream media report about obsequious fansites that border on or even cross the line dividing genuine fandom and creepy stalkerhood.
Comments and linkbacks are always welcome regardless of political affiliation or incorrectness of views concerning Maureen Dowd's inherent genius and beauty.


davr said...

I like MO MODO.

Anonymous said...

Mo Modo,
I've been following the Dowd Report for a while now. I just wanted to let you know that your work is entertaining and valuable. Much like our patron saint's.

Do you think the lady will give into the Obamalust she's obviously been fighting for so long?