Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blog Watch: MoDo Lingo

Doghouse Riley of Bats Left Throws Right has put together a MoDo Glossary for those of us emerging from two years of Times Select embargo. He puts together some recent phrases that will help re-orient yourself to the highly specialized patois of the New York Times's hottest columnist. Here are some of her verbal epithets for current characters so you can recognize them:

First Groupie, The: William Jefferson Clinton, Forty-Second President of the United States
Goracle, The: Albert Arnold "Al" Gore, Jr. , 45th Vice-President of the United States
Metrosexual In Chief: John Edwards, potentially
Obambi: Senator Barrack Obama, D-Ill.
Senator Pothole: Hillary Clinton
Smooth Jazz Senator: Barack Obama
Tough Guys: Rudy Giuliani and John McCain
W.: George Walker Bush, Forty-Third President of the United States
Warrior, The: Hillary Clinton
Riley also explains that Lazio is a verb meaning to coarsely criticize Hillary.

Thanks for the help Doghouse.

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