Thursday, November 29, 2007

BlogWatch: While Condi Fiddles

BraveNew Films (which I don’t know why is reading MoDo) has a rave review of the latest column:

Another absolutely brilliant column by Maureen Dowd in The New York Times written in her uniquely lucid and eloquent style where she lays bare the truth about the new Middle East peace initiative and other things. I hope Condi picks up The New York Times today. Perhaps she will read it to George.
The best metaphor to come out of the Condoleezza Rice Workout for Peace revelation was this one on The Gist:
Nero fiddled -- Condi does cardio. We've commented many times on the show about Rice's workout routine and the elliptical machine that is sometimes brought to her hotel room when she jets about -- and we have a lot of audio of her discussing her weight, her dieting tips and her exercise routine, which seem to take precedent over diplomacy. But I hadn't realized how much she has literally been ellipticizing while the world burns.
And Americablog reacts with to aerobicizer anecdote with this:
Pretty much sums it up.

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i.m.small said...


That August she had been advised
Bin Laden, he was plottin',
To finish up the job: surmised
She "this cannot be nothin'--

Nothin' of my concern, although
He did attempt before
To take the towers down," and so
The threat she did ignore.

It was, recall, her foremost plan
To let things amble on
Without much interference--can
You wonder they fell down?

Quoth she, "None ever had before
Imagined that he might
Hijack a plane," but holy war
Had told its methods quite.

Dismissive of the evidence,
So all that motley crew
By auto-pilot mindset, hence
Chose what it "felt" was true.

Hands off, do-nothing policy
Devolves the way it has,
But then, "what will it think of me,
Posterity," she says--

And tries to of a sudden make
A last ditch effort to
Start Mideast peace talks: people shake
Their heads and wonder, who?

During, say, seven years was squandered
The semblance of disinterest,
Impartiality--she pandered
And made a striking contrast

To all her predecessors, as
At least portended to be
Above the fray--involved, she was
Pure partisan and grubby.

So they will pass away, all as
A dim-remembered dream,
When honesty ran out of gas
And trust ran out of steam.