Thursday, May 29, 2008

MoDo Theater Presents: Barack Vets Bill

Inspired by Grace Nearing of the always relevant Scriptoids, we have formed the MoDo Players to re-enact the various fictional dramas that go on in Maureen Dowd's columns. In the most recent column (frisked here), Barack Obama vets Bill Clinton to be his vice-presidential nominee in full defiance of the 22nd Amendment.

To see Dowd's column cleaned up into script form check out the blog The Aristocrats. Our cast for this little drama is:

Alan Ruck as Congressman Rahm Emanuel

Jeremy Irons as Harold Ickes

Tom Arnold as Ron Burkle

Olympia Dukakis as Governor Kathleen Sebelius

And starring:

Will Smith as Barack Obama


Jim Belushi as Bill "Big Dog" Clinton

And hey, if you don't think these celebrities don't look enough like the real politicians, remember that HBO got Laura Dern to look like Kitty Harris.

Look for more productions from Dowd Theater in the future.


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Oh God -- thank you!

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Aw Hell Naw!