Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let The Big Dog Eat

Two Against One
Published: January 23, 2008

She talked a lot about her 12-year-old daughter, Chelsea, her interest in educational programs and her desire to be "a voice for children" in the White House. Two for the Price of One.
"Candidate's Wife; Hillary Clinton as Aspiring First Lady:
Role Model, or a 'Hall Monitor' Type?"
by Maureen Dowd May 18, 1992

The Clintons have always been a tag-team and whether they are heroes or villains depends on your opinion of them. For the upcoming South Carolina primary, Bill Clinton has been unleashed and is out there banging Obama in the back in the head with a folding chair at every opportunity.
The Clintons — or “the 2-headed monster,” as the The New York Post dubbed the tag team that clawed out wins in New Hampshire and Nevada — always go where they need to go, no matter the collateral damage. Even if the damage is to themselves and their party.
Maureen Dowd unleashes the sports metaphors, mixing and mashing at random.
In the Myrtle Beach debate Monday night, Obama was fed up with being double-teamed by the Clintons.
It’s odd that the first woman with a shot at becoming president is so openly dependent on her husband to drag her over the finish line.
Dowd has also become very fond using “Big Dog” as short hand for Bill Clinton.
The Big Dog relished playing the candidate again, wearing a Technicolor orange tie and sweeping across the state with the mute Chelsea.
Left unsaid is what the canine epithet for Hillary would be, perhaps a cartoon hero who always wins anyways.
Keep in mind, in the last two primaries, we ran as an underdog.”

And finally we mix both sports and pets for the final lap:
And if he has anything to say about it, and he will, they’ll be fighting till the last dog dies.
Bill Clinton, like any good pit bull, gets the most vicious when everything is on the line.

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