Friday, January 4, 2008

Dowd Spotting: Stalking Obama In Concord

Updated: 1/5/08

National Enterprise Reporter for the Washington Post and known alien abductee interviewer Joel Achenbach spotted Maureen Dowd at a standing room only Barack Obama rally in the Concord High School gymnasium in New Hampshire. He cornered her and got this exclusive:

Noticeable uptick in journalistic celebrity: There's MoDo! Please, give me a bon mot, Mo. [I asked her for a prediction and she said, "I don't predict, I just report."]
Since the last Dowd sighting was at his Apollo Theater tent revival, is there any doubt that the next mash note to Obama is on the way?

Update: David Weigel of Reason Magazine confirms the Dowd sighting with this anecdote:
There were whopping big media folks in the crowd--E.J. Dionne, Maureen Dowd, CBS's Bob Schieffer--but my favorite fellow travellers were a couple cameramen from a local news station. They sneered up at the risers where other cameramen had already gotten the good spots, including two tykes in red shirts reporting for Scholastic News. "This is the thing that kills me," one said, "wasting space on these cameras for that Nickelodian [sic] shit."
Not to nitpick, but David needs to brush up on the spelling of the names of tweener television networks.


MedallionOfFerret said...

Great site! Who's the old broad pictured?

Mo MoDo said...

Them are fighting words, MoF. A lady like Maureen Dowd deserves respect. She may be old, but don't call her a "broad."

Anonymous said...

MoMoDo is one of the most articulate, profound, imaginative and yes quite sexy, political pundit, ever! Nothing speaks more to her talent than her juxtaposition of the Star Wars analogy and the Bush's. I am forever a fan smitten by her sly delivery and facial expressions in anticipation of the impending lame, yet pious, responses from her contemporaries. I would certainty prefer her to anyone on the sunday morning shows. CBS should have her on a regular basis so that her fans can as well!