Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Freeper Report

Maureen Dowd’s Rudy Rampage got linked to at Free Republic, the ultra-conservative portal. Part of the problem is that a highly developed sense of ironic sarcasm goes wasted on some parties. The first comment seemed to be ready to get in line behind Rudy when the brown shirts start marching:

“Rudy would probably only take the hand of an Arab leader to throw him down a ravine, or a wadi”

LOL, so true!
But for most Freepers, the mere mention of the Red Headed One induces a Pavlovian reaction:
Ugh...Maureen Dowd.
I couldn’t bother to follow the link once I saw the author’s name. Detestable wench.
While some are nostalgic for Times Select:
Oh how I wish for the wonderful days of Times Select, and the near total absence of this blubbering idiot from the online political opinion and newsjunky world.
But even in the heavily Red State air, one had to admit:
Maureen Dowd's not my favorite New York Times columnist but she captured the spirit of the Jewish Republican Coalition debate very well.
And the closest thing to a compliment was:
Nice choice of words for Fred: "phlegmatic", and he's "plummeting in the polls". As usual, Mo's slip is showing again.
It's okay Freepers, you don't have to agree with everything Dowd says. And besides if she was gone, who would you have left to hate, Bob Herbert?

If you want a better feel for where Rudy is getting his geopolitics from, read/watch this very detailed analysis (hat tip to Ed Strong).

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