Friday, October 12, 2007

DowdLust By The Numbers

Akapi of DailyKos confessed to a serious case of DowdLust with just a tinge of DowdHate. As much as we love MoDo here at the Dowd Report, we found his open panting just a little unseemly:

Frankly I find Maureen Dowd to be THE most attractive and sexy "pundit" in the world. And her "breathy soft delivery" simply amplify this deep lustful and emotional attachment that prods me on to look forward to devouring her column and scanning the TV Guide for any appearances she might be making (though she seems to be making fewer and fewer of said appearances).

So what's a good liberal to do? Reject her due to her obvious arrogance and somewhat inconsistent viewpoints (though recently she HAS been much more consistent).

Or simply love her for the beautiful,brilliant (She is a DAMNED GOOD writer with a unique and valuable insight),and dare I say it, sexy woman I find her to be?
He sought to find out how his readers felt and put up a poll that got 62 responses. The options were:
A. Smarmy
B. Annoying
C. Beautiful
D. Sexy
E. A and B
F. C and D
G. All of the above.
The pick more than one format led to some deceptive results. 16% picked annoying alone but 24% picked all of the above. I have distributed the multiple choice picks among the base categories and graphed them below:

Clearly most people find her annoying, but nearly half found her sexy. All the usual
caveats about sample size and self-selection of responses apply, but I have to conclude that many DowdLusters find her sexy because she is annoying and smarmy.

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