Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bitter Morning Brew

Maureen Dowd got woken up at quarter to four to discuss her Sunday column comparing Hillary Clinton favorably to Sarah Palin (which sure counts as faint praise in our book) on MSNBC. Maureen Dowd says:
I love Sarah Palin. I love her more than anyone because as a journalist she is the best story ever.
When asked about Palin's chances in 2012, Maureen thinks that Palin absolutely has a shot at the nomination.
She is the first person to ever fuse politics with reality TV. I think she could absolutely be the nominee. She is sort of playing to people's darker impulses. And that core of the Republican party that is left, that is very bitter, is loving her.
And just like pots and kettles, Maureen can spot bitter a mile away.

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PunditFight said...

That is a brilliant observation - fusion of politics and Reality TV. That would be a winning and disturbing concept, a fly on the wall doco following candidate Palin around during the campaign. Just like the docos that follow fighters as they prepare for big PPV fights.