Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pretty President

Can The One Have Fun?
Published: June 9, 2009

Maureen Dowd has returned from her three-week sabbatical and she comes out swinging defending Obama from criticism over taking his wife out to dinner and a show. And she does it with plenty of Alliteration Alerts™:

With two wars and G.M. in bankruptcy proceedings, shouldn’t the president be glued to the grindstone, emulating W.’s gravity when he sacrificed golf in 2003 as the Iraq insurgency spread?
And no good Maureen Dowd column is without a Movies With Maureen® moment:
I loved the “Pretty Woman” romance of the New York tableau, the president, who had not lived an entitled life where he could afford such lavish gestures, throwing off his tie and whisking his wife, in a flirty black cocktail dress, to sip martinis in Manhattan, as Sasha hung over a White House balcony and called out goodbye.
You can almost hear the Roy Orbison in the background.

Another mandatory component of a Dowd column is the Crossword Puzzle Clue©:
[Richard] Wolffe limns what those of us who traveled with Obama could see: He was often grumpy on the campaign.
Choire at The Awl suspects that Maureen Dowd has been abducted and replaced with New York Times book critic Michiko Kakutani because 'limn' is Kakutani's signature style quirk. But Maureen has worked had to make it her own. She used it about a year ago during the campaign, again in context to Barack.
But even as the Republicans limn him as John Kerry, as someone who is too haughty and too “foreign,” Obama is determined not to repeat what Kerry thinks was a big mistake: not having enough money to compete against the Republicans in 2004.
But finally, like a Mortal Kombat character, Dowd has her finishing move. The Dowdversion® is such a powerful rhetorical device that it must be used sparingly. Here she uses it to tie together the criticism of Obama for his stylish escapades against W's briar patch abandonment of golfing.
Date on and tee it up, Mr. President. It’s O.K. if they’re teed off.
And with that Maureen proves that even after an extended absence she can still bring her A game.


Anonymous said...

I thought "limn" was just notoriously a critics' word - the kind of language normal people do not use but that critics do.

Also: uh, isn't comparing the Obamas' romantic night out to Pretty Woman (and graphically replacing Julia Roberts with Michelle Obama) implying something rather not-nice about Ms. Obama?

yellojkt said...

You could think that, but you aren't a girl. Pretty Woman is the most romantic movie ever and the fact that Julia Roberts is a hooker is incidental. It's far more important that she has a heart of gold.