Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Day Treat

Maureen Dowd has taken a long Thanksgiving holiday, so instead we recommend Thomas Friedman's column today on the fall of Citibank. In it he quotes a column by Michael Lewis.

Also check out Michael Lewis’s superb essay, “The End of Wall Street’s Boom,” on Portfolio.com. Lewis, who first chronicled Wall Street’s excesses in “Liar’s Poker,” profiles some of the decent people on Wall Street who tried to expose the credit binge — including Meredith Whitney, a little known banking analyst who declared, over a year ago, that “Citigroup had so mismanaged its affairs that it would need to slash its dividend or go bust,” wrote Lewis.
Of course, regular readers of Grace Nearing's Scriptoids knew of this excellent article nearly a week ago.

Let's hope Maureen gets that turkey spatchcocked correctly so that we can have a fresh column on Sunday instead of triptophen-laced leftovers.

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