Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obamawulf versus Clinton Grendel

The following passage from Maureen Dowd's High Anxiety In Denver column was deleted sometime during the night. The original can still be found here.

Bill Clinton is brooding in his hotel suite at Brown Palace Hotel, like the outcast Grendel lurking on the outskirts of the town where young Beowulf lived.
Inspired by this now purged description I propose this movie poster:

And if Bill is Grendel, then Obama is Beowulf, the warrior hero that slays the monster:

Coming to a voting booth near you.


Porlock Hussein Junior said...

Hey, Obama looks good as Beowulf. (Nobody seems to have noticed BTW that the Grendel fight is just the start of the epic. Beowulf has a lot more smackin down to do!)

But then, as Albert the Alligator used to say, it's funny how a handsome man looks good in any old thing he throws on.

Nick Dittler said...

Is Hillary Clinton going to be Grendel's Mother?